World of Tanks From Russia, With Love

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    If James Bond could drive a tank it would be a TOG. If he could drive two tanks it would be the KV-1S. And not that pansy thing they call the KV-1S now, I mean the REAL KV-1S from back in the day... Play World of Tanks - Get your Jingles loot here! Join me on Facebook! Twitter: My Partner Network System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920x1080 resolution If you have a World of Tanks replay you'd like to submit, upload it to a hosting service like and email the link to your replay to If you have a War Thunder replay just send the .wrpl file to the same address. Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can't promise that I'll show what you send in.
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    Please subscribe: Another delve into the Russian server to bring you this great game in the German tier 8 ...
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    Gameplay of the T-34-85 Rudy tier 7 Russian premium medium tank. I appreciate every sub I get to this channel! Thanks for making it great. Links, info ...
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    Please subscribe: Another delve into the Russian server and this time a very rare tank you almost never see ...
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    Wargaming North America went to Russia for WG Fest. Here is their tale. Twitter: Facebook: ...
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    SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: Never played world of tanks? download it ...
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    We use QuickTime to record our iPad gameplay, and to export that footage for video editing. Play WoT BLITZ for FREE!! More info here:
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    The IS-3, the tank that threw the West into a panic. This beast of a Russian brawler tank is fast, has a gun with a big punch and is well-protected from any frontal ...
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    World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Preview, Soviet Russia Rebalance/Rework. World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Object 140 Gameplay ...
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    Some vehicles in World Of Tanks have so much character that they develop cult status and their own armies of devotes. Bert the Avenger is famous amongst ...
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    Hello There!
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    Please subscribe: Another look into the Russian server's replays and this a cracking game in the German tier ...
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    My rather one sided review of the isu-130... as you can tell not a fan. I think this tank will be for some people and hopefully this vid will be able to tell if that's you!
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    Hey Guys! Sorry bout the late upload, internet playing up! Today I'll be talking about the T43, the tier 7 russian medium tank which has a special place in my ...
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    Doing a WOT lets play yall!
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    In this videos I will show you different aspects of IS 8. Great gun, bouncy Russian armor, agility like medium tank. But... I didn't love it, sympathy the most.
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    Some gameplay in the T-34 and the Kv-1 to some appropriate music! (With commentary of course!) Music:Katyusha. I don't own the music.
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    Music: Prodigy - Smack my bitch up National anthem of USSR World of tanks music Disco Inferno - Burn baby burn Ahrix - Nova.
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    Please subscribe: Another delve into the Russian server and this time the intriguing tier 9 German medium tank ...


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