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World of Tanks From Russia, With Love

автор  дата 21.04.2015
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If James Bond could drive a tank it would be a TOG. If he could drive two tanks it would be the KV-1S. And not that pansy thing they call the KV-1S now, I mean the REAL KV-1S from back in the day... Play World of Tanks - http://eu.wargaming.net/ Get your Jingles loot here! http://www.cafepress.com/mightyjingles Join me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Mighty-Jingles/415298048553149 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MightyJingles My Partner Network http://bbtv.go2cloud.org/SHEs System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920x1080 resolution If you have a World of Tanks replay you'd like to submit, upload it to a hosting service like http://wotreplays.com and email the link to your replay to charlton.paul70@gmail.com. If you have a War Thunder replay just send the .wrpl file to the same address. Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can't promise that I'll show what you send in.
автор  дата 06.05.2017
Hey Guys! Sorry bout the late upload, internet playing up! Today I'll be talking about the T43, the tier 7 russian medium tank which has a special place in my heart. One of the easiest and...
автор  дата 17.10.2012
What is big, has a big gun, and does even bigger damage? That would be the SU-152. The SU-152 was a Russian anti-fortification self propelled gun that was adopted for use as a tank destroyer....
автор  дата 03.06.2014
Doing a WOT lets play yall!
автор  дата 28.11.2016
Gameplay of the T-34-85 Rudy tier 7 Russian premium medium tank. I appreciate every sub I get to this channel! Thanks for making it great. Links, info & resources for you -----------------------...
автор  дата 06.05.2016
follow me bitches *_*
автор  дата 22.06.2012
The IS-3, the tank that threw the West into a panic. This beast of a Russian brawler tank is fast, has a gun with a big punch and is well-protected from any frontal attack. Generally considered...
автор  дата 25.02.2017
Please subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/howiplayworldoftanks Another delve into the Russia server to see this amazing game in the evil little tier 5 French light tank the ELC. Massive...
автор  дата 28.08.2015
Some vehicles in World Of Tanks have so much character that they develop cult status and their own armies of devotes. Bert the Avenger is famous amongst artillery players, a Luchs is too cute...
автор  дата 05.09.2017
It's the returning adventures of Commander Jingles McJingleberry and his quest to see how many crew he needs to sacrifice to get himself a Medal of Honor.
автор  дата 09.03.2017
Destination Tanks are the vehicles we recommend from each nation and class. So, if you are not sure what to work towards then check out our Destination Tanks! Are you working up the Russian...
автор  дата 31.07.2017
Hoped you enjoyed leave a comment or a like if you did enjoyed it.
автор  дата 04.08.2013
Харесайте и коментирайте. Пишете на лично как се пишете в играта, за да играем. :) Форума - http://doggymien4o.freeforums.org/
автор  дата 11.01.2017
Wargaming North America went to Russia for WG Fest. Here is their tale. Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldoftanks Facebook: http://facebook.com/worldoftanks.na Let's Battle! Play World of...
автор  дата 06.10.2016
Ako vam se sviđa video opalite koji like, sub, i komentar(svaka kritika i pohvala je dobrodošla) Posjetite stranicu na kojoj se prodaju najjeftinije igrice na balkanu:https://www.facebook.com/Pr...
автор  дата 30.08.2015
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUcCVZmX-00MyPGKSh9O0HA?sub_confirmation=1 Never played world of tanks? download it for free here: http://play.any.tv/SHPsy CONNECT WITH...
автор  дата 04.05.2015
We use QuickTime to record our iPad gameplay, and to export that footage for video editing. Play WoT BLITZ for FREE!! More info here: www.wotblitz.com.
автор  дата 18.01.2014
In this videos I will show you different aspects of IS 8. Great gun, bouncy Russian armor, agility like medium tank. But... I didn't love it, sympathy the most. Something in between IS3 and...
автор  дата 17.01.2018
Fort Despair - Supremacy 1177 base EXP Canyon - Supremacy 1249 base EXP.
автор  дата 02.01.2017
Music: Prodigy - Smack my bitch up National anthem of USSR World of tanks music Disco Inferno - Burn baby burn Ahrix - Nova.


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