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World of Tanks Tanking Like A Boss

автор  дата 08.09.2013
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This time it's all about the heavies, the guys who get stuck in and take the hits for the team. Or camp at the back and watch everyone else die before complaining about noob teams. One of the two. http://play.any.tv/SHIoi - Play World of Tanks Free Get your Jingles loot here! http://www.cafepress.com/mightyjingles Join me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Mighty-Jingles/415298048553149 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MightyJingles System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920x1080 resolution Mods used (8.7 compatible): Crosshairs with Reload Timer: http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/standard-crosshairs-white-rechar/ Tank Icons: http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/aciym/ http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/grandpas-damage-panel-v2/ XVM: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ Intro by DiigitalDesigns http://www.youtube.com/user/DiigitalDesigns
автор  дата 12.06.2016
A good game in my LTTB and a great one in my Motherland with some help from an awesome T-34. Play World of Tanks for free at http://eu.wargaming.net/ (for PC users) or download it for free...
автор  дата 21.01.2015
This is a match with me and my good friend from NZ Gutz13. In this match I made 101958 credits with a premium account 3105 xp some of the medals include High Caliber, Steel Wall, Confederate,...
автор  дата 06.04.2015
World of Tanks MT-25 feat. AMX 13 90 Gameplay. How to play light tanks like a boss! ▻Welcome Home! - http://goo.gl/b7JpBr ▻Streaming: http://www.twitch.tv/dezgamez ▻Facebook: http://www.faceb...
автор  дата 01.01.2017
автор  дата 10.04.2017
Thanks for watching! Questions? Comment below! Check out my twitch Account ( https://www.twitch.tv/imvanguard ) Check out my Twitter Account ( https://twitter.com/VanguardDark ) Video Schedules...
автор  дата 31.12.2016
Rozgnieciony jak robak :) By BAZER.
автор  дата 08.02.2016
REPLAYS/VIDEOS EINSENDEN/SUBMIT : pkreplays@yahoo.com The 5th episode is out, enjoy it! SUBMIT/REPLAYS/VIDEOS SCHICKEN: pkreplays@yahoo.com.
автор  дата 17.04.2015
This is my game of world of tanks in a Tiger P where i received over 3000 damage received and blocked by armor and over 3500 damage done. you can download this replay from http://replays.quickybab...
автор  дата 26.06.2016
How to play the game! SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA00572_00.
автор  дата 24.07.2013
автор  дата 10.02.2014
World of Tanks tier 8 medium tank T69 gameplay (on the NA server with player svenbryan) We would lose this battle, we were 3-9 behind,i was only on 1 flank, KV1-s helps me and... **** at...
автор  дата 03.12.2016
автор  дата 17.01.2017
Tanking like a boss with a low using another tank to block the damage.(Don't worry was an enemies tank.LOL)
автор  дата 30.03.2018
автор  дата 01.09.2015
Just an average game with T32. Get hull down, and let the fun begin. by Kondratov ETIC4 Tanks Academy 2015.
автор  дата 04.12.2015
The Third in the How to Trilogy is here! How to do the platoon and play with others in a friendly and non threatening manner! Lacks a bit as a working title. How about "How to blow ppl up...
автор  дата 06.12.2016
Two replays today because the first one, like the tank in it, is a bit short. Play World of Tanks - http://eu.wargaming.net/ Get your Jingles loot here! http://www.cafepress.com/mightyjingles...
автор  дата 13.09.2013
The 100 sub special video! Thank you all so much! :) I would be very happy if you leave a like or/and a comment! Help my channel grow! Share my videos on your social networks with your friends!...


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