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автор  дата 08.09.2013
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This time it's all about the heavies, the guys who get stuck in and take the hits for the team. Or camp at the back and watch everyone else die before complaining about noob teams. One of the two. http://play.any.tv/SHIoi - Play World of Tanks Free Get your Jingles loot here! http://www.cafepress.com/mightyjingles Join me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Mighty-Jingles/415298048553149 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MightyJingles System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920x1080 resolution Mods used (8.7 compatible): Crosshairs with Reload Timer: http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/standard-crosshairs-white-rechar/ Tank Icons: http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/aciym/ http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/grandpas-damage-panel-v2/ XVM: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ Intro by DiigitalDesigns http://www.youtube.com/user/DiigitalDesigns
автор  дата 02.01.2018
World of Tanks. Today I'm playing two of the "worst" tanks in the game according to global win ratio! SUBSCRIBE for more videos!: ▻https://goo.gl/5VIiJn T-SHIRTS: ▻https://goo.gl/s2OINq...
автор  дата 18.01.2018
Update 9.22 was released for the Common Test. We will check how the new matchmaker version works and revise three branches of the Soviet Tech Tree. The Soviet tank destroyers, and medium and...
автор  дата 06.01.2018
Behold My New Type 59! Unfortunately I played it like a scrub. My Patreon Page; https://www.patreon.com/ClausKellerman Sponsor Me; https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC... Support Me With...
автор  дата 29.06.2014
WoT:Bこと「World of Tanks Blitz」 2014年6月26日にiOS版をリリース! 兄弟でどこまで戦えるか... 次→【待たれよー!】
автор  дата 14.11.2017
Stay tuned for a revamped show next season! Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldoftanks Facebook: http://facebook.com/worldoftanks.na Twitch TV: https://www.twitch.tv/wargaming Let's Battle!...
автор  дата 30.11.2015
Our tank thinks your carpentry skills suck! Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldoftanks Facebook: http://facebook.com/worldoftanks.na Let's Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: North America:...
автор  дата 22.01.2018
Der World of Tanks Testserver für 9.22 ist online. Wir schauen uns den neuen Tier 10 Medium das Objekt 430U an. Download Testserver 9.22 - https://worldoftanks.eu/de/news/general-news/update-922-...
автор  дата 05.07.2017
Only the BEST and finest funny moments / RNG madness from World of Tanks - as sent in by you so far in 2017! Epic fails and wins, glitches, awesome jumps, physics fails and much-much more!...
автор  дата 28.03.2014
The next BRW episode is just below - you know what to do! Enjoy the video! Let's Battle! Play World of Tanks for FREE: North America: http://worldoftanks.com Europe: http://worldoftanks.eu...
автор  дата 12.12.2017
Update 9.21 brings the new French heavy tanks without autoloaders, a winter map for Grand Battles, significant changes to the armor of British TDs, and the opportunity to change the look of...
автор  дата 03.10.2016
You may submit your replays to this e-mail: nemetepst@gmail.com When sending me a replay, please, write the approximate time when interesting stuff happen, otherwise it makes it really hard...
автор  дата 04.01.2018
The Mauerbrecher German Tier 8 Premium ?Heavy Tank No Bullshit Review. My Patreon Page; https://www.patreon.com/ClausKellerman Sponsor Me; https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC... Support...
Всем привет, дорогие друзья! В эфире передача «Лучшие реплеи недели»! Кирилл Орешкин всё ещё пропадает в...
автор  дата 10.11.2016
Get to know the Tanks that inhabit World of Tanks! Each have their own personality, point of view, and specialization. So find the Tank that right for you, and dominate the Battlefield at World...
автор  дата 23.12.2017
One of the biggest newsbeats at this year's WG Fest is the announcement of Update 1.0. With its release, maps will become larger, and landscapes—more realistic. The update will feature...
Всем привет, дорогие друзья! В эфире снова мы и передача «Лучшие реплеи недели»! Думали, по вам только Орешки...
автор  дата 12.10.2017
Help me 100k Subscriber :3 https://goo.gl/VkqL8n 10.000 Subscriber - ✓ 20.000 Subscriber - ✓ 30.000 Subscriber - ✓ 40.000 Subscriber - ✘ 50.000 Subscriber - ✘ 60.000 Subscriber -...
автор  дата 31.12.2017
World of Tanks – Top Ten. Today I'm looking at the worst tanks in World of Tanks! SUBSCRIBE for more videos!: ▻https://goo.gl/5VIiJn T-SHIRTS: ▻https://goo.gl/s2OINq LIVESTREAMS:...
автор  дата 15.10.2017
World of Tanks (WoT) Gameplay mit Mootality - German Nubia hat ihren IS-7 freigespielt und wir gehen auf Jagd. Viel Spaß! ▻Stream: http://twitch.tv/Mootality (Fr, So, Mi - 20 Uhr) ...


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