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Panchakarma Demonstration | Tutorial In this video, you can see various methods of treatment in panchakarma, ayurveda. For more information on this video click - http://www.indiavideo.org/invis-dvds/panchakarma-treatments-3588.php Do Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe to our channel. Subscribe To YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=indiavideodotorg **JOIN US ON** Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/indiavideo Google + --https://plus.google.com/+indiavideodotorg Twitter -- https://twitter.com/indiavideo http://pinterest.com/indiavideo/ Video by http://www.invismultimedia.com
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Jaipur is famous for its elephant ride or safari. For more information on this video click - http://www.indiavideo.org/rajasthan/travel/elephant-safar-jaipur-2121.php **JOIN US ON** Facebook...
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Yoga Eka Pada Rajakapotasanam or the One-legged King Pigeon Pose in yoga helps one to opens the hips and releases negative feelings and undesirable energy stored in your body. For more details:-...
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Glimpse Of Lokhandwala Complex Market Mumbai | India Video For more details click - http://www.indiavideo.org/maharashtra/travel/lokhandwala-complex-market-3315.php Do Like, Share, Comment...
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Making your own Ghee at home from ready-made butter is very easy. Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Videos http://www.youtube.com/user/indiavideodotorg?sub_confirmation=1 **JOIN US ON**...
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Mawsmai cave, the longest cave in the northeastern state of Meghalaya in India. It is situated at one of the most frequented destinations, Cherapunji. For more details click - http://www.indiavideo...
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Rose-ringed parakeets or Parrots in India. For more details click on - http://www.indiavideo.org/rajasthan/travel/rose-ringed-parakeet-5372.php **JOIN US ON** Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/...
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A pan shop in Ajmer, Rajasthan state of India. For more details click on - http://www.indiavideo.org/rajasthan/travel/indian-pan-shop-ajmer-5392.php **JOIN US ON** Facebook -- https://www.facebook...
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This is a festival that is held to commemorate a golden period when Kerala was believed to have been ruled by King Mahabali. The occasion also marks the symbolic return of the king to visit...
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How to Make A Perfect Wheat Dosa | India Video Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Videos http://www.youtube.com/user/indiavideodotorg?sub_confirmation=1 **JOIN US ON** Facebook -- https://www....
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Rock Garden in Darjeeling, West Bengal state of India, which is a very fascinating and attractive place. For more information on this video click - http://www.indiavideo.org/westbengal/travel/rock...
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What is angiography? How angiography is done. Live Video of Angiography at Lisie Hospital Open heart Surgery Live video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U637W8ywao Eye problems and solutions...
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The video presents traditional temple jewelry which are mainly used in classical dance forms like Bharathanatyam , Mohiniattam and Kuchipudi .Temple Jewelry is also considered as the traditional...
автор  дата 18.02.2015
Ducks on the way | India Video Kuttanad, with its vast paddy fields, is known as the “rice bowl” of Kerala. Kuttanad has the lowest altitude in India and is one of the few areas in the...
автор  дата 05.05.2012
Valparai is a hill station in Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu. For more details click on - http://www.indiavideo.org/tamilnadu/travel/valparai-town-7335.php **JOIN US ON** Facebook -- https://ww...
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Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai (Bombay) is one of the largest science centres in India. Formerly it was known as Science and Technology museum. For more information on this video click - http://www...
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Exclusive content about Gandhi click - http://www.indiavideo.org/text/gandhi/ Mahatma Gandhi speaks at public meeting. Subscribe To Our Channel and Get More Videos http://www.youtube.com/user/in...
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Coast security show conducted by Indian Coast Guard in Chennai. For more details click on - http://www.indiavideo.org/tamilnadu/travel/coastal-security-force-6791.php **JOIN US ON** Facebook...
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How To Wear Settu Mundu - Namboothiri Sari Style BUY Kerala Sarees for Onam click: http://cultureshoppe.com How to wear a Saree in 20 different styles Videos- http://goo.gl/Imgn4q Wearing...
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For more information on this video click - http://www.indiavideo.org/text/beauty/ Video by http://www.invismultimedia.com Do Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe to our channel. Subscribe To...


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